Building a green fleet

Since establishment, Evergreen Marine has always upheld the business philosophy of sustainable development. "We seek not only to comply with legislation, but also to go beyond compliance," said President Chang, founder of the Evergreen Group. Filled with ambition to become a green enterprise, Evergreen Marine has been committed to protecting the Earth in pursuit of sustainable development. From S-type ships delivered in 2005, L-type ships in 2012, and B-type ships in 2017, to F-type ships in 2020, Evergreen Marine has been adamant in using state-of-the-art technology to build new eco-friendly ships with outstanding performance.

In pursuit of optimal loading, punctuality in shipping, and competitiveness, all of the ships owned by Evergreen Marine, from S-type to L-type, B-type, and F-type ships, also adopt the latest environmentally- friendly equipment to meet the Company's environmental requirements. The newly built B-type and F-type ships have improved energy efficiency and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. The newly delivered F-type ships are the first large container ships to use the latest selective catalytic reduction (SCR) to achieve a significant reduction in NOx emissions.

In 2019, Evergreen Marine signed contracts to build 14 ships, including 10 ships of 23,000 TEU and 4 ships of 1,800 TEU, to further optimize the composition of the Evergreen fleet according to the ship revitalization plan. These new ships are expected to be delivered between 2021 and 2022. In addition to adopting an engine with ultra-long stroke, this type of ship has further optimized linear design and has been equipped with energy-saving facilities to meet with the energy efficiency standard, EEDI PHASE 3. The introduction of this type of ship will significantly reduce the carbon emissions per transport unit.

In terms of the ship revitalization plan, the Company plans to phase out a total of self-owned 36 ships, including 20 medium and large ships and 16 small ships, within 5 years. At the end of 2019, the installation rate of open loop SOx scrubbers reached 56%, and 60% of our old ships were installed with SOx scrubbers. The above efforts will enhance the Company's ability to protect the environment and marine ecology.

Every year, Evergreen Marine collects the social responsibility reports and sustainability policies of the shipyards as the basis for evaluation.

F type ship

In 2018, Evergreen Marine signed a contract with Samsung Heavy Industries of Korea to construct eight new F-type ships. The new ships will optimize the composition of the Evergreen fleet and form part of the ship revitalization plan. The F-type ship measures 334 meters in length and 48.4 meters in width, and has a designed draft of 13 meters. This ship type is designed to carry 19 rows of containers on the deck. It sails at speed of up to 23.0 knots. The delivery of this new ship type is expected to take place between 2020 and 2021, and will hopefully replace existing Evergreen ships. In addition to increasing the overall capacity of the AMP (Alternative Maritime Power) System Optimized Hull Form with High Efficiency Propulsion System fleet, it will also effectively reduce the environmental impact from our fleet operations.

The F-type ship is installed with an exhaust scrubbing system to effectively remove SOx from exhaust, which complies with the 2020 global sulfur limit released by MARPOL; in addition, it removes NOx from exhaust with SCR, which complies with the stricter NOx tier III standard.

F船型 F船型

Other equipment such as alternative maritime power (AMP), electric deck machinery, air space stern tube scaling system, low friction anti-fouling coating, refrigerant with low global warming potential, gray water holding tank, and cargo hold bilge holding tank features low carbon and environmentally-friendly design. The F-type ships has the environment notations registered in the class certificates that demonstrate its compliance with the international regulations and environmental requirements of classification associations. (ABS: ENVIRO, LR: IHM).

B 型船
B 型船

For new B-type ships, an SOx scrubbing system is installed. A main engine with electronic fuel injection produces 20% less NOx emissions than conventional engines in compliance with the 2015 Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) and NOx Tier II emission standards set by the IMO.

The ten Gen 3 B-type ships built by CSBC Taiwan are equipped with the latest sword bow developed by the shipyard. The bow can handle different drafts and speeds while effectively reducing wave resistance and drag when the ship is in motion to optimize ship speed and engine performance. The 9th B-type ship of CSBC Taiwan named "EVER BOOMY" have won the 15th "Ship of the Year Award" by the Taiwan Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers.

L 型船
L 型船

L-type ships are equipped with the exhaust gas desulfurization tower cleaning system, electric deck machinery, AMP system, airtight stern seal, fuel compartment with protection function, green refrigerant with low GWP value, Tin Free non-toxic paint on the outer panel, ballast water treatment system, NOx Tier II electronic controlled fuel injection engine with low-load tuning EGB fuel control mode, which includes the design of Slow Steaming, and grey water holding tank.

S 型船
S 型船

S-type ships are equipped with exhaust gas desulfurization tower cleaning system, electric deck machinery, AMP system, airtight stern seal, fuel compartment with protection function, green refrigerant with low GWP value, and Tin Free non-toxic paint on the outer panel, and are gradually installed with the ballast water treatment system.

Ever Superb, the fifth in the Evergreen Group's series of 7024 TEU S-type container vessels, has been named Ship of the Year 2006 by leading Asian maritime publication Lloyd's List Maritime Asia.

Evergreen vessels throughout the world have been brought into line with a company policy of compliance with environmental issues and meeting recommended standards, whether mandated by law or voluntary. Evergreen Line's newest company-designed and built full-container vessels were intended to surpass all requirements for container carriers.

As early as 2002 Evergreen Line was awarded the first ever recognition for Environmental Excellence by the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. The award demonstrates Evergreen's position as a catalyst among ocean carriers in conforming to and initiating environmental policies. In this spirit since 2003 Evergreen has taken delivery of a fleet of S-type "Greenships" aimed at taking a leadership position in innovative vessel design and meeting the green policies of its customers.

Environmental Features of Evergreen S-Type Green Ships
  • You can click "Alternative Maritime Power(AMP)", "Double Skin" and "Electric Deck Machinery" to view the real images.
  • Surpassing world environmental standards

    The Evergreen S-Type Greenships design from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries' Kobe Shipyard incorporates features that meet or surpass the strictest global environmental standards. It has received Lloyd's Register environmental protection (LR EP) notation and equivalent ES notation with the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), making Evergreen a global leader in protecting the natural resources and environmental management.

  • Double-skin hull design leads the industry

    Evergreen took the lead to prevent maritime accidents and oil spillage with the Greenships design as early as 2003, seven years prior to the enforcement of SOLAS and MARPOL conventions on maritime pollution and safety requiring ships worldwide to have double-skinned hull design by 2010. Evergreen's commitment to sustainable development, protection of the maritime environment is a major part of the carrier's corporate social responsibility.

  • Next-generation design protects the oceans

    The oil tanks on the S-Type Greenships are situated in the spaces between cargo holds and above the tanktop to minimize the likelihood of fuel oil spillage in the event of an accident. Oil spillage can severely damage ocean and coastal environments and this preventative approach by Evergreen is both pro-active and responsible.

  • Tin-free paint helps keep the ocean clean

    To protect and sustain the oceans, Evergreen made a commitment to adopt a new tin-free coating on the new S-Type ships and its other ships. Research shows this coating has high anti-fouling properties and is non-toxic to the environment. Excessive tin in an ocean environment can cause serious harm to marine life.

  • Green technology and policies fulfill environmental compliance

    To honor environmental commitments, Evergreen S-Type Greenships use the latest low-sulphur fuel systems, advanced oil-water separators, environmental friendly Freon, Dioxin-free incinerators and dock power systems to protect the purity of the oceans and the air quality around ports and for the people who live there.

Specifications of the S-Type Green Ships
Gross Tonnage 75,246
Dead Weight Tonnage 78,636 Tons
Capacity 7,024 TEUs
Service Speed 25.3 KTS
Draft Designed 14.2 M
Length 300 M
Breadth 42.8 M
Reefer Plug 839
Video Presentation of the S-Type Green Ships
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These successful innovations will be used on our L-Type vessels to ensure environmental protection issues. Other design concepts will address minimum ballast, slow steaming, ballast water treatment plant, frequency control sea water pump, HT47 higher tensile steel and green passport. These will be incorporated into our next generation vessels.

Environmental Features of Evergreen L-Type Green Ships
Specifications of the L-Type Green Ships
Gross Tonnage 98,882
Dead Weight Tonnage 104,408.8 Tons
Capacity 8,452 TEUs
Service Speed 24.7 KTS
Draft Designed 13.5 M
Length 334 M
Breadth 45.8 M
Reefer Plug 942

These successful innovations will be used on our B-Type vessels to ensure environmental protection issues. Other design concepts will address minimum ballast, slow steaming, ballast water treatment plant, frequency control sea water pump, and green passport. These will be incorporated into our next generation vessels.

Environmental Features of Evergreen B-Type Green Ships
Specifications of the B-Type Green Ships
Gross Tonnage 32,659
Dead Weight Tonnage 37,500 Tons
Capacity 2,926 TEUs
Service Speed 21.8 KTS
Draft Designed 10.0 M
Length 211.9 M
Breadth 32.8 M
Reefer Plug 342
Environmental Features of Evergreen F-Type Green Ships
Container design

Evergreen Marine strives to prevent pollution, conserve energy and reduce carbon emissions. In addition to adopting environmentally friendly materials for container construction, we are continuing to make adjustments in the following areas to reduce environmental pollution GHG emissions to increase environmental friendliness.

  • Flooring

    Traditional timber flooring used in containers requires the logging of rainforests and this creates massive ecological damage. The depletion of timber sources and increased environmental awareness led to the Evergreen Group using composite bamboo-wood flooring for dry containers in 2013. All new containers built after 2015 now use bamboo-wood flooring. Composite bamboo-wood flooring reduces the amount of timber consumption by around 50%. The toughness of bamboo also increases the wear resistance of the floor. As bamboos only take 3 ~ 6 years of mature, it is easier to source than wood which takes 10 years to reach harvestable age.

  • Paint

    To combat its increasingly serious smog problem, China established an atmosphere pollution prevention law in 2013 with a goal to reduce the emission of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). The law banning oil-based paints in favor of water-based paints took effect in the Guangdong region on July 1, 2016, and in all other regions from April 1, 2017. Evergreen Marine tested water-based paint on 1,800 TEUs in 2013. The increasing maturity of water-based paint means it is now beginning to be used on new containers built in 2018.

  • Adhesive

    The Evergreen Group switched to water-based sealants for dry containers in 2014. Water-based sealant greatly reduces the odors from solvents as well as atmospheric pollution.