Respecting and protecting personal data

Evergreen recognizes the importance of personal data privacy and value our customers, visitors of our web-sites, employees, vendors and all other parties who may log their personal data under our custody. Evergreen promises to comply with global privacy protection law, regulation or other rules concerning the right of personal data protection. We respect rights of personal data vested by data protection rules and will follow personal data handling principles when processing personal data to secure the confidentiality of personal data.

Evergreen Marine has established the "Personal Data Management Committee" with senior executives serving as steering members and managing decision-making members from Human Resources Dept., Seafarers Dept., Auditing Dept., Information Team of Project Dept., and Legal Dept. and the head of the Auditing Dept. serving as the convener.

The decision-making members are responsible for overall planning, strategy development, training and propaganda, work implementation, and progress control. In addition, third-party information service providers appoint a representative to attend the decision-making committee meeting. Each department appoints a (deputy) manager as an executive committee member to serve as the contact between the department and decision-making members.

For more details, please refer to our policy Evergreen Line Privacy Policy

Personal Data Management Committee Organizational Chart
Personal Data Management Committee Organizational Chart