Material Issues Management

We developed a questionnaire and surveyed the 9 types of stakeholders and internal executives to understand the extent of stakeholders concern on each sustainability issue, as well as the external economic, environmental and social impacts of Evergreen operations. The sustainable development of an enterprise involves a wide range of issues. We have generalized 25 sustainability issues from the characteristics of the industry, international tendency, and important facets of sustainability. These issues included corporate governance, economic issue, environmental issue, labor and human rights issue, social issue, product liability issue, etc.

In 2019, Evergreen reexamined the external stakeholder survey and distributed 20 questionnaires about issues of concern to internal executives. Analysis of survey responses from the six types of stakeholders with a higher degree of relationship yielded a ranking of 25 issues by degree of concern and degree of impact. A materiality matrix was then drawn up using these results. Compared with those in 2018, the major topics and their boundaries in 2019 had no significant changes.

Degree of stakeholder & Degree of economic, environmental and social impact

Evergreen Marine defined material issues as those that ranked highly in terms of stakeholder concern or impact or operations, or those that ranked as high in one or moderate in the other, including shipping management, compliance, sustainability strategies and their implementation, corporate governance and ethical corporate management operating performance, and ship safety. In keeping with the trend on sustainability disclosure, risk control and emissions and management were included in material issues in terms of industry impact to ensure that all material sustainability issues were properly managed. We have established complete management policies as well as measurement and management systems for the aforesaid eight material issues. We also follow-up annual performance and set goals for the future in the hope to make improvement in all aspects every year.