Protecting the confidentiality, accuracy and availability of information

In Evergreen, information is one of the most important organization assets, which we value and will appropriately protect.

Information security is defined as the protection of information and the system, and hardware that use, store and transmit that information. The information breach incidents have become increasingly complex and costly.

Evergreen thus has established an "Information Security Management Committee" to set up information security policies, plans, measures, technical specifications, audits and coordination, to ensure integrity and confidentiality of data.

The contents of our information security management for following has been published in company's internal bulletin for compliance:

  1. Organization and division of powers and responsibilities
  2. Classification of security levels of information assets
  3. Personnel management and education training
  4. Computer System Management
  5. Network management
  6. System access management
  7. System development and maintenance management
  8. Entity and environmental management
  9. Planning and management of the business continuity operation plan
  10. Internal audit, regulations and other