Ethical Compliance Policy

As a global known liner shipping carrier, Evergreen Marine Corp. (the "Company") commits to provide reliable worldwide shipping service. To fulfill our ambition and sustainable social responsibility as a common carrier, the Company must conduct all business in a lawful, transparent and ethical manner and comply with global Competition Law/ Anti-bribery/ Privacy Protection/ Economic Sanction regimes. To achieve aforementioned purpose, the Company has set up a Compliance Team (the "Team") under Legal Department of Evergreen Marine Corp. to review all issues in related to legal compliances of Competition Law / Anti-bribery / Privacy Protection / Economic Sanction regimes.

Action Plans

Evergreen Marine keeps tracking the development and amendment of all international conventions, laws and regulations on a regular basis and monitoring the implementation of these laws and regulations. The Compliance Team will adjust the Company's policies and procedures in response to those development and amendment in a timely manner ensuring the compliance of the laws.

  • Competition Law Compliance: Evergreen Marine continues to audit the relevant department's e-mail by E-mail Auditor System on a monthly basis. We enhance all employees' awareness of compliance through various channels such as meetings, pre-service training for new recruits, electronic bulletin boards, grievance mailboxes, and competition law notices.

  • Anti-bribery / Anti-corruption Law Compliance: Evergreen Marine has established related operating procedures, Codes of Conducts, and guidelines for ethical management for the staffs to follow in day-to-day business operations. We have also taken various measures to strengthen internal business ethics and published the Integrity Policy and requested all of our employees to comply.

  • Personal Data Protection Law Compliance: Evergreen continues to collect, process, and use of customer information in accordance with relevant laws and authorizations. Controls are also in place to keep customer information strictly confidential and protected.

  • Economic Sanction Law Compliance: Evergreen Marine continues to screen the customers, suppliers, and merchant information on bills of lading through the automatic screening system and conduct enhanced manual-check if necessary. Also, we actively initiate spot checks and review high-sensitive areas and high-risk cargoes subject to the development and amendment of sanction laws.

  • Information Security Management: Evergreen has established an "Information Security Management Committee" to set up information security policies, plans, measures, technical specifications, audits and coordination, to ensure integrity and confidentiality of data.

Performance & Target
2020 Performance
  • There was no case in violation of laws & regulations in 2020.
  • Total of 591 employees attended the training courses on anti-trust law, economic sanctions law, and anti-bribery / anti-corruption, as well as Personal Data Protection Act in 2020.
  • Enhanced spot checks and inspections of high-sensitive areas and high-risk cargoes subject to economic sanctions.
  • Provided each European branch office with the material in regard to personal data protection. (e.g., "Employee Notice / Consent / Consent to Recruitment")
Short-term Target
  • Check for any potential violations of anti-trust laws by E-mail Auditor System and raise the employees' anti-trust law compliance awareness through internal training and other methods.
  • Assist contracting departments in drafting/reviewing the clauses in related to anti-trust, economic sanction, anti-bribery / anti-corruption and personal data protection laws compliance.
  • Signing up the personal data protection clause for cross-border transmission of employee data.
  • Finalize internal anti-bribery / anti-corruption manual.
  • Keep conducting compliance trainings.
Medium & Long-term Target
  • Implement E-mail Auditor System to global offices / agents.
  • Pay close attention for developments of anti-trust / economic sanctions / anti-bribery / personal data protection laws around the world and adjust the Company's relevant compliance policies and procedures in a timely manner.
  • Outstretch the anti-bribery / anti-corruption manual policy to global agents.
  • Conduct compliance training in accordance with the changes of the relevant laws and practices.