Evergreen's Ethical Corporate Management Best-Practice Principles, established and resolved by Board of Directors in 2014, is a guideline to provide high ethical standards for all employees. The principles are disclosed in the annual report and on Evergreen's website. The Board of Directors and the top management place the greatest importance in adopting the highest standards of integrity and ethics in corporate management and employee work conduct.

Evergreen designated the Human Resources Department (HRD) to be responsible for establishing and supervising the implementation of the ethical corporate management policies and prevention programs. HRD shall be in charge of assisting the Board of Directors and management in auditing and assessing whether the prevention measures taken for the purpose of implementing ethical management are effectively operating, and preparing reports on assessment of compliance with ethical management in operating procedures in every December.

To implement Ethical Management, Evergreen conducted Compliance and Ethics Risk Assessments across the company operation in June 2021. The results showed that all 127 assessment items in 9 categories are low level of risks and allowed to maintain the current practices.

If you find that Evergreen's employees or suppliers have violated the integrity of the business, please contact Mr. Huang or Ms. Yang in HR department by the mail "comment@evergreen-marine.com".