In 2014, independent directorships were introduced by Evergreen Marine as part of our corporate governance efforts. Accountants and attorneys were invited to become independent directors in order to further strengthen the Board of Director's management and supervisory capabilities through their professional background and independence. Information transparency initiatives include regular disclosures of financial reports on our English and Chinese corporate websites, as well as our efforts in fulfillment CSR, implementation of ethical corporate management, and maintenance of labor-management relations are all available through our websites in "Corporate Governance", "CSR", "Stakeholder", "Ethical Corporate Management", and "Investor Service" zones. The disclosures keep local / foreign investors, global customers and supply chain partners informed about our company's operation status.

Corporate governance at Evergreen Marine is overseen by the head of Stock Department (senior vice president) who has more than three years of experience with corporate governance matters such as company share affairs, shareholder meetings, and Board of Director meetings in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

With outstanding corporate governance, Evergreen Marine has been ranked in the top 5% of publicly listed companies in five out of six corporate governance evaluations conducted by Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (TWSE).