Evergreen anticipates smooth operations and will rely on the support and joint efforts of stakeholders. Thus, effective communication and interaction are indispensable in the Company’s business operations. As a major shipping company in Taiwan, Evergreen is aware of the importance of stakeholder opinions, and understands and responds to relevant stakeholders and their concerns after thorough analysis.

Stakeholder Engagement

Evergreen identified 9 important types of stakeholders based on past stakeholder communications and the disclosure of other international shipping companies. The 21 departments of Evergreen then took part in jointly evaluating the extent of each stakeholder’s relationship with the Company based on the five principles of Responsibility, Influence, Tension, Diverse Perspectives and Dependency from AA1000 SES. In 2020, Evergreen Marine reexamined the stakeholders and material issues. The stakeholders ranked by the degree of their relationship with Evergreen from high to low are as follows: competent authorities, employees, suppliers, customers, other shipping companies, media, shareholders/investors, community and society, and social groups/non-profit organizations. The top seven are our major stakeholders. We are in contact with all types of stakeholders through regular/ad hoc channels to ensure full communication on every issue.

The Committee is divided into the Employee Care/Community Care Issues Team, Environmental Protection Issues Team, Corporate Governance/Economic Issues Team and Product/Supplier Management Issues Team. The relevant departments in each team are responsible for communicating and responding to stakeholders on issues of concern. The results of the 2020 negotiation and other matters was submitted to board of directors on December 27, 2021.

Communication with stakeholders