The Evergreen Group started out in the shipping industry. Dr. Chang Yung-Fa, the founder of the Evergreen Group, always valued the training of marine talent and always placed great value on marine culture and education. Co-organized with the Chang Yung-Fa Foundation, Evergreen Marine participated many events in public welfare service in the hope of contributing to the society.

  • Evergreen Marine attended "Build Your Golden Route" maritime career lectures and designated a captain or chief engineer to schools, giving students a better idea of what it is like to work at sea.

  • Evergreen sponsored summer camps for students from disadvantaged families and the "Paint a Marvelous Ship" competitions for elementary school students and impaired groups.

  • Evergreen has sponsored artistic activities such as inviting employees and their families, customers, charities and social welfare groups to Evergreen Symphony Orchestra concerts free of charge since 2018.

  • In recent years, Evergreen's top management led employees and their family members to participate in the coastal cleanup and tree saplings planting activities in Taiwan. Through practical actions, we supported ocean conservation, reducing carbon emissions and cherished the Earth.