Introduction to Evergreen Marine Corp.

The Evergreen Marine Corp. was founded by Dr. Chang Yung-Fa on September 1, 1968. Primary business activities included domestic and international sea freight, shipping agent and container terminal operations. Since establishment, Evergreen has set many milestones in the shipping industry, including being the first shipping company in Taiwan to establish regular fully containerized shipping lines between the Far East and the U.S. East Coast, establishing the world's first-ever regular fully containerized round-the-world shipping lines in the east-west direction, and became the No.1 container shipping company in the world in 1985.

In addition to continuous improvement in operations, Evergreen has committed to talent cultivation, development of next-generation green fleet, and launch of e-commerce platforms. Embracing its role as "a guardian of the green earth," Evergreen Marine has taken the initiative in responding to international environmental trends and regulations. We have actively participated in many environmental protection programs. Low speed sailing is used to reduce the GHG emissions and improve the air quality around the port. Such initiatives also contributed to the conservation of endangered sea life by reducing the risk of collision with blue whales, humpback whales, fin whales and other large animals.

Guided by our corporate philosophy of "Creation of Profits, Care for Employees, Contribution to the Society," and dedicated efforts to achieve the business scale today together with all our employees, Evergreen aims to keep in line with the changing world with the Evergreen's spirit of "Challenge, Innovation and Teamwork" and will continue to make a contribution to the world by promoting the development of trade through the provision of reliable transportation services. For more information about the history of Evergreen Marine, please refer to our official website.

Organization Overview

Evergreen Marine Corp. was officially formed on September 25, 1968. Approval for becoming a public company was granted by the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) of the Ministry of Finance on November 2, 1982. SFC approval for Category A listing was granted on July 6, 1987, and Evergreen Marine was officially listed on the Taiwan Exchange on September 21 of the same year. Primary business activities included domestic and international sea freight, shipping agent and container terminal operations.

Evergreen Marine organization chart
Evergreen Marine organization chart
Evergreen Marine basic information
Name Evergreen Marine Corp.
Location of headquarters 1F-4F, No. 166, Sec. 2, Minsheng E. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 104, Taiwan (R.O.C)
Industry Shipping industry
Primary business Shipping carrier / shipping agent / container terminal operations
Quantity of Products / services provided 7,084,500 TEU (standard 20' shipping container)
Number of employees 1,844
Local and overseas offices Primary base of operations is Taiwan; 320 cities in 118 countries
Capital (NT$ thousand) 52,215,557
List of Major Shareholders
As of Aprill 2,2021
Shareholder's Name Shareholding
Shares Percentage
Evergreen International S.A. (Panama) 391,786,816 7.43%
Chang, Kuo-Hua 319,646,157 6.06%
Evergreen International Corp. 262,411,866 4.98%
Chang, Yung-Fa 180,941,656 3.43%
Chang, Kuo-Ming 116,861,569 2.22%
New Labor Pension Fund 64,485,666 1.22%
Bank SinoPac as Custodian ALLY HOLDING LTD. Investment Account 51,629,105 0.98%
J.P. MORGAN SECURITIES PLC 49,265,410 0.93%
Yang, Mei-Chen 47,176,327 0.90%
Chang, Kuo-Cheng 46,932,549 0.89%
Fleet size

At the end of 2019, Evergreen Marine operated a total of 201 fully containerized ships with a capacity of 1,283,000 TEU. The main ship types by build year are as follows:

Fleet size
Service network

Evergreen Marine now has a worldwide service network stretching across five continents, with a total of 150+ service loops or more.

Service network